Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Fun...So far

Already this summer has been a busy one, but we've been having lots of fun! I've been really busy in the mornings teaching swim lessons, so we've only had the afternoons to have some real fun. We've gone to movies, gone swimming, had friends over, and had an end of season baseball swim party here at our house. Here are some other things that we've been up too.

Here is what I've been doing every day until noon, swim lessons. It's been fun, but after 3 hours of being in the sun, it tires me out! The kids are so cute though. :)

A friend of Nick's gave him some tickets to a DBacks game, so he took Cole. This was actually before school was out, but it was during the final week of school so I guess that qualifies as summertime. They were handing out these Tony Pena masks to everyone, so Nick took Cole's picture with it, haha.

Someone brought these giant cookies to the Twins end of season baseball party. Aren't they cool? The party was a swim party here at our house and these cookies had all of the kids names on them. The boys loved them. Sadly, these are the only pictures I got of the party. I kept forgetting to snap photos of all the kids. People were being pushed in the pool too so I was kind of scared to take the camera outside. I didn't want it to be thrown in the pool by mistake. Someone got thrown in and his cell phone was in his pocket, OOPS! ;) It was a lot of fun!

Here is a picture of the boys climbing a tree at their grandparents house one Sunday afternoon. Loads of fun!

We made a trip to Amazing Jake's the other night and sadly I left my camera in the car. It's a really cool place with tons of stuff to do there. They have an all you can eat buffet that is massive and then they have all kinds of fun things to do there like Laser Tag, Go Karts, Bumper Cars, Bowling, Mini Golf, a Mini Rollercoaster, and lots of video games. We won a gift card to there and had some coupons, so we went for family night and had a great time.

More summer fun photos to come soon! We leave for California on the 18th of July, so I will have lots of fun pictures to post. We plan on going to Legoland and of course the beach! I will update our trip while we're there! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cub Scout Day Camp

This past Thurs-Sat was Cub Scout day camp. Oh what fun it is! This year we have both boys attending also, which means that Nick and I both went for two days, one day with Cole and one day with Jacob. The Webelos are separated from the Wolves/Bears, so they weren't together at all during the 3 days. They always have so much fun and come home SO dirty! They get to shoot BB guns, archery, swimming, crafts, outdoor games like kickball, soccer and an obstacle course, learning to tie different knots, and water balloon fights. The Webelos got to work on and completed their Scientist pin too. They left the house everyday at 1pm and got home at 11pm. They were SO tired! After two days of attending, I was SO tired as well! Good times! :)

The top picture Cole is leaving Archery and the bottom one he is getting ready for Arts and Crafts.

The top picture the Webelos are painting their den flag and in the bottom one they are with their completed "ship" that they all helped paint.

The top picture Jacob is at our den site and the bottom one he is leaving Archery.

The top picture the Bears and Wolves are getting ready to head out to some activity and the bottom one Jacob is getting ready for Arts and Crafts.

The boys passed off so many requirements. I am amazed at all the things they passed off in only 3 days! The theme this year was Pirates, in case you couldn't tell, haha, and that is right up both their alley's, especially Jacob's. ;) They were exhausted by the third day, but they are ready to do it again next year. Too bad Cole is done, although he can go back next year as a den chief. I'm loving how much fun Cub Scouts is for them! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Schooool's Out for Summer!

The last day of school was on Tuesday. To say the boys were excited is an understatement! They were thrilled! I was too! Everyone they know has already been out for a couple of weeks. Now there is no more homework, schedules or waking up early for a few months! :) After school they were both a little sad cause they said they will miss their friends. No worries though, they will still see friends over the summer. Cole was also a little sad about not having his teacher anymore too. He loves Mrs. Berry. He had her last year and she enjoyed her class so much that she moved up a grade and took most of the kids with her. She is so awesome. Her class is so well behaved and she also knows how to mix fun in with learning. I hope that Jacob will have her in a couple of years. She is the best and after 2 years, she will be missed!

This picture of Jacob makes him look annoyed, but really he is super excited. He was at his party here and he had food in his mouth, so he wouldn't smile, haha.

Cole got a medal for being on the Honor Roll and receiving all A's all year. Way to go Bud! He was also voted by the kids in his class as the Best Overall Athlete and the Fastest Runner. That sounds about right! :)

Schoooooool's Out for Summer! Schooooooool's Out Forever! Ha!

We are looking forward to a great summer! Enjoy everyone! :)