Tuesday, July 8, 2008

End of school

Summer is officially here and so finishing up school brought on many fun things like field trips, musical plays, baseball swimming party, award ceremonies, yada yada. Here are some pictures.
I forgot my camera for Jacob's field trip, I know bad, so I will post what I have.

Cole's 3rd grade class went to Shamrock Farms for their field trip. Here is one of him with the group of boys he was with. He is in the middle. It was a little stinky there. :)

This is Cole and his good friend Dylan. Yes that is a pink backpack that Dylan is carrying, but no it is not his. He was carrying it for his teacher! What a nice boy. I am so thankful that Cole has such awesome friends! He is so lucky. Our ward was just split recently, so quite a few got put in a different ward. He is sad, but we hope more move in and we hope they keep the Cub Scout troop together. Until that happens, he will have to see them at school and have them over to hang out and swim this summer.

In June we went to a DBacks game. It was Boy Scout night and we went with a few other boys from our Pack. They wore their shirts and got to walk around the field with all the other scouts. Nick wore his Boy Scout shirt too and went down on the field with them. All of the scouts were given a red DBacks baseball cap. We had so much fun! Here are a few pictures.

Nick, Cole, and Alexander

Cole, Brayden, and Alexander

They were looking down at the field that they had just walked all the way around. I think they were in awe!

Nick and Cole being goofy.

Here is one of Jacob. He was bummed that he didn't get to walk on the field, but everyone was given one of these hats when we got there, so he was happy about that.

Spring Break

Okay, Yes I know that Spring break was some time ago, but this is a new blog so I'm allowed to post something from a few months ago. We went to So. California for Spring break. Some of you know that my parents have a beach house there that they spend their summers at. They were there for Spring break because my nephew returned home from his mission and is going to live out there and go to school. He left from there so he could establish residency. I know, what a hard life to be young and HAVE to live in California. We took some cool photos.

Here is one with the boys and my nephew at the beach, it was cold!

This is me and the boys at the tide pools.

This is my boys and their cousins at the tide pools. I think they were wondering if the big wave behind them was going to get them. :)

I'm a bad Aunt. Here my nephew had just come home from a mission and I forgot to take some pictures of him with my kids. So here is one of him on his mission. It's weird to think that he was barely getting baptized at 8 years old when Nick and I first met. Okay, I'm getting old!

And then here is a cool one of him surfing before he left. Look at that wave!

This is supposed to be easy?

So I thought I'd jump on the blogging train since I've been hearing how easy it is and a great way to keep in contact with friends and family. Really? I'm still sitting here and I've been sitting here for over an hour. Too many choices of things to choose from. I think I have adult ADD. I have to look at everything before I make a decision about something. I hope this will soon be up. Let me see if I can figure out how to post pictures next.