Friday, October 30, 2009

Flag Football

Both of the boys played Flag football this year. Cole's team was the Titans and Jacob was on the Bears. It was a fun season and they both did really well. They get better every year at the sports they do.

Way to go Titans and Bears! :)


Earlier this month, Jacob had a Science project where he had to make a diorama of a desert landscape and then he had to do a report about it. He did a good job. The diorama turned out really cute.

Good job Bud! :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Newest Webelo

In September Cole earned his Webelo badge. My camera battery died, so I only got one picture of Jacob and then took one of Cole when we got home. Another parent took some pictures for me, but I haven't gotten them yet. The boys also got their prize for selling Scout-a-rama tickets, that's what Jacob was up there getting. Cole got a "W" printed on his head, which is supposed to be war paint symbolizing that he's the newest Webelo. Him and another boy both earned it. Next month's pack meeting he will be getting his Arrow of Light which is the highest award you can earn as a Cub Scout. Soon, he's going to be an 11 year old Scout! Wow! Jacob is super close to getting his Wolf too. We are so proud of our boys. They do great in Scouts!

Jacob waiting to get the prize he earned and then another one taken when we got home.

Cole, one of the two newest Webelo's in Pack 977. :)

How about some MUD football?

In August our Stake had their annual mud football event that is held at the U of A farms. Most of the kids just roll around in the mud instead of actually playing football. After they play for awhile, everyone rinses off and we have a BBQ. Tons of fun! It was held on a day that was a heat advisory though, so as someone who was just watching from the sidelines, it was boiling HOT and I regret not wearing something that I could get dirty so that I could get in the mud and cool off!

They were covered in mud from head to toe.
I'm thinking that doesn't look very fun, but they sure do love it! :)

Knee Surgery

In August, Nick had knee surgery. He had to have his Miniscus repaired. It was outpatient surgery and it was pretty quick recovery for him but it was hard for him to get around for a few days. Here are some pictures. Sorry if they gross anyone out.

Big ole bandage for just his knee. But wait! The bandage then comes off....

They shaved the knee area, so it looked kind of funny being only half shaven, haha.

Lego Freaks....

The boys are total Lego freaks. Going to Legoland only made that worse, haha. They have club time at school for the last 20 min of the day. Guess what club they joined for the first quarter...Yep, the Lego club. They got to bring their own Legos everyday from home and then they played with them and traded with other kids who were also in the same club. That was for the first 9 weeks of school. They were sad when it ended. They made a Lego village on the hockey table this summer. It's mostly cleaned up now, but it was really cool. They had an airport, hospital, all kinds of things. Here are some pictures.

Here's the Village. They really worked hard on it.

They each made a house at Lego club too. Here is Cole's from the front and then from the inside. It was awesome. It had all different kinds of rooms and it was 3 stories!

Here is Jacob's. It was also really cool. It had 3 stories as well and all different kinds of rooms too.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to school!

I know I'm behind on posting, but things have been busy, plus Blogspot has been giving me issues and seems to be slow, making it hard for me to have patience in posting pictures. Sorry, I will do better at keeping things up to date faster.

The boys started school on August 10th. We decided to give a new charter school that came to town a try. It's a Sequoia School and they have 26 other schools around the valley. There have been so many issues with the Charter School that they were at for 2 years, so we thought maybe the experience behind this new one would be a good thing. Well so far it's been awesome! They are so happy there. Eventhough the previous school now has a brand new super nice building, and some of their friends are still going there, they really do love this new school so much better. Some of the teachers and some of their friends made the switch, so they do have good friends in their classes.

Cole started 5th grade and he has the same teacher that he had for 3rd and 4th grade. We love her. Jacob is in 3rd grade now and he has the same teacher that he had for 1st grade. She's awesome too. They got lucky to get teachers that they are already familiar with. I can't believe how grown up they are. Makes me sad a bit. :( Here are some pictures from the 1st day.

Cole- 5th grade, Jacob- 3rd grade. Cole's back pack has glow strips on it I guess, lol.

They were so excited to start school. I think they were starting to get a little bored around here. :) I have to add that I really wanted to take the camera to school and get pictures of them there, but Cole didn't want to have any part in that. He said it would be embarrassing and to please not do that mom. Serious? Fine, I didn't and I was kind of bummed about it but oh well. I was going to do it for just Jacob, but he didn't really want me to either. Geez, they are growing up too fast!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

California Vacation Week 2....Lots of Pics

The 2nd week that we were in California it was just us at my mom and dad's. My sister and her kids left and the boys were sad. We still had fun though going to the beach some more and even more Legoland. We also went and walked around Downtown Disney and we went to the Oceanside Harbor which always has lots of action going on, and we went back to the La Jolla Cove where we swam out to some islands and saw lots of fish and other sea creatures. We celebrated my dad's 72nd birthday while we were there and also my parents 51st wedding anniversary. Here are some pictures of the 2nd week of fun.

We went to Legoland a couple more times that week. The boys never tire of that place. I on the other hand, did get tired. Lots of walking. Seeing the big smiles on their faces though while we are there makes it all worth it!

They saw Spongebob and a policeman...

Super Mario and some pirates...

Then they both did some thinking...

Rode on some airplanes...

Hung out with a fireman and his dog...

And then rode in a police helicopter...

They got to build a robot using computers and then we watched a 4D Lego movie....

They built some Bioncles and then took a Safari Jeep ride.

We of course went back to the beach a few more times as well.

They played some paddleball and captured some sand crabs...

They did some surfing...

And some wiping out.....

They did some body surfing too...

And some boogie boarding...

Then they buried my feet! :)

We visited Oceanside Harbor where they were actually getting along great!

Then back to Legoland just to do the water area one day. I was glad I could sit from a far and watch this. They wore their suits and got SOAKED!

That big bucket fills up with water and then tips over when it's full and dumps water on everyone. This is what was getting them the most wet. They stood under it on purpose!

Look how wet they are!

To dry off we did the mini golf there at Legoland. That was a cute course with Lego animals throughout it. Here we got sprayed with water by a skunk, lol.

No this isn't Legoland. This is the Lego store at downtown Disney. We went there for a day and had lots of fun.

Jacob as a pirate and my two GOOFY boys...

We ate lunch there at the Rainforest Cafe! That place is 3 stories and so cool!

Real life-like animals throughout Rainforest Cafe.

And a really cool fish tank inside.

Out front of the Disneyland hotel and then in the lobby shaking Mickey's hand, haha.

We went to the La Jolla cove one day and the boys explored the caves there.

Inside the caves.

Outside the caves, hanging out.

Then we swam out to these rocks. I wish we had a snorkel set with us. We saw some cool fish. The water was so clear! The swim was a pretty easy one.

Here's the rocks we swam too.

This squirrel was at the cove and was so friendly. The boys held food out to him and he came up and took it from them with his paws and then went and ate it and kept coming back for more.

LAST day at Legoland. We only went for a few hours and just did a few more rides and watched the fireworks. They had to stop at pose with King Tut and a camel....

Then they sat in a King's Throne...

And drove a car.

This is them playing on their grandparents computer. This was our last night there and they are actually getting along again. We had SO much fun. It was hard to come home. Especially since I knew the house would be a mess from the flood.