Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lego Freaks....

The boys are total Lego freaks. Going to Legoland only made that worse, haha. They have club time at school for the last 20 min of the day. Guess what club they joined for the first quarter...Yep, the Lego club. They got to bring their own Legos everyday from home and then they played with them and traded with other kids who were also in the same club. That was for the first 9 weeks of school. They were sad when it ended. They made a Lego village on the hockey table this summer. It's mostly cleaned up now, but it was really cool. They had an airport, hospital, all kinds of things. Here are some pictures.

Here's the Village. They really worked hard on it.

They each made a house at Lego club too. Here is Cole's from the front and then from the inside. It was awesome. It had all different kinds of rooms and it was 3 stories!

Here is Jacob's. It was also really cool. It had 3 stories as well and all different kinds of rooms too.

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