Wednesday, April 29, 2009

X-MEN Premiere! (Lots of pictures)

Monday night was the WORLD premiere of the X-MEN Wolverine movie that comes out this Friday. The premiere was held right here in Tempe, AZ. Well my friend Tracy is Hugh Jackman's BIGGEST fan so she for sure wanted to go and I figured why not? It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, so off we went. There were some people that had waited in line overnight just to get an up close spot at the premiere. We found out that Hugh himself called up the Paradise Bakery that is right there around 9am and ordered bagels, muffins, and juice for everyone that was there early in the morning waiting. After we heard that we were bummed that we didn't get there a little sooner, haha. We got there around 2pm and actually had a really good view of all the actors. If we would have pushed through just a little bit more, we would have been close enough to get an autograph or to even touch him. Oh yeah! The people that had tickets to see the movie that night with the actors, were actually allowed to walk on the red carpet with the stars and get pictures with them. The lucky ducks! We were wishing we had tickets! Here are some up close pictures of the day for people to drool over, haha.

They had these posters up everywhere.

This is as close as I was able to get to Hugh. There was security all around and we weren't quite close enough to touch the real stars.
Tracy and I waiting so patiently for the actors to arrive. Hugh arrived on a motorcycle! It was so cool.
He was really so nice to all of the fans that were there. :)

Someone gave him a shirt to sign. Lucky people that got autographs!

Wow, he's HOT! :)
Signing an autograph and then holding the mic from a TV crew out for the crowd to scream into. So much energy from the crowd, it was awesome.
We could tell that he was really genuinely excited to be there.

See how close we were! I had to take one of his backside too! ;)

He's signing autographs and talking to the news people.
Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool in the movie and he is also another Hottie! ;)
Of course I had to get one of his backside too, LOL. He was super nice to the fans also.

Shaking hands with the crowd. Again, we were almost close enough to touch him!

Liev Schreiber plays Sabretooth in the movie.

Taylor Kitsch plays Gambit.

Lynn Collins plays Kayla in the movie.

Lynn Collins and Taylor Kitsch.

We had a blast and it was an experience that I will never forget! Who knows when another premiere will ever come to AZ again?! Thanks Tracy for going with me! Enjoy the pictures everyone, hehehe. ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Salsa Festival!

Every year our City of Maricopa puts on an awesome Salsa Festival! People come out and prepare their famous salsa's and everyone gets to sample them and then vote for their favorite. They have a fun kids area there, as well as some vendors that sell items or enter people into a drawing to win free things. Oh, and let's not forget the yummy food vendors! Snow cones, cotton candy, barbeque, hot dogs, ice cream and my favorite, Fry Bread! They passed out bags of chips so you have something to sample the salsa with too. So I had some delicious salsas, a snow cone and Fry Bread! Mmm, it doesn't get much better than that! It's all free too except for the food that you want to eat. Well the salsa samples are free too of course. Here are some pictures from the kids area where the games and bouncy house things were.

Cole is just coming down a slide that is part of a bouncy house thing. When are they going to be too old for these things? The lines are long and then they only get 5 min to jump around. There were a lot of different ones there and I let them pick one to do. Good thing it had a slide or they might have been super bored.

Jacob is actually pausing for a picture on the bouncy house.

Now here he is coming down the slide.

They played this hammer game where you have to hit it and ring the bell. I guess the hammer was heavy they said. They did great though!

Here is Jacob with his wicked spider face painting! He was thrilled with it. Did I mention that all of this stuff was FREE? LOVE it! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Newest Scout!

Jacob went to his first Pack meeting as an official Wolf! He was so cute and had so much fun. I can't believe how big and grown up this kid is getting. Cole had a game that night so him and Nick didn't make it to pack meeting, which bummed me out a little cause I wanted to get a picture of my two scouts together in their uniforms. Oh well, next month I will. We had a good time and he was sure loving life being a scout now. He got to lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. That made his night! They welcomed him into Scouts and everyone did a cheer for him. He was eating it up! Oh boy, here we go. Starting scouts all over again, fun, fun! We are now going to start working on his Bobcat!

Isn't he the cutest Wolf EVER? :)

Here he is with some of the other Wolves. They are welcoming him into the den.

They did a fun relay that night and after the scouts raced against the parents, the scouts teamed up with the younger kids that were there and helped them out. It was so cute! :)

Yay Jacob, the newest Wolf in the Pack!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I heart Golden Spoon!

For those of you who have never been to Golden Spoon, you need to go! It's yummy NON-FAT Yogurt that tastes so GOOD! My parents have one near their home in California, so we spent several days there last summer when we were visiting. Other than that, I have only heard of them being located in Gilbert and Mesa. So, imagine my excitement when I found a location not far from our home. It's on Queen Creek and Alma School. Now that I know that, we will be going there whenever we get a chance I'm sure. The boys love it. They have no idea that it's non-fat. They think it's ice cream. Cole and I went shopping Friday night and went there after and then when Jacob heard that we went there without him, he had to make sure that he could go the next day. So him and I headed there on Saturday. You don't have to twist my arm to go twice. :) These pictures were taken with my phone so they aren't a great quality.

Doesn't he make it look so good?


We LOVE Golden Spoon! :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's in your wallet?

When we were out to dinner on Jacob's birthday with my parents, my dad took his wallet out to pay for his meal. His wallet is really fat and full of stuff. We were calling it the George Costanza wallet. He has everything in there. Nick started laughing about it cause he couldn't believe that he actually carries that around with him in his back pocket. Well he actually carries it around in his front pocket. He thought that was worse! Nick hates carrying a wallet at all and really tries to keep it as flat as possible. We took a picture of it for fun.

Here is my dad's wallet, fully loaded. Hahaha!

Now here it is next to Nick's. We were calling them the rich man's wallet and the poor man's wallet. Oh my goodness, so funny! Boppy (grandpa) was a good sport about it.

So, what's in your wallet? :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter was a lot of fun. Nick was able to get the day off work, so we were happy about that. On Friday we dyed eggs after school. We went with a Star Wars theme this year of course, and they turned out really cute. Pretty cool actually. On Easter, the bunny paid us a visit and hid their Easter baskets really well. It took some time for the boys to find them. Sneaky bunny, hehe. ;)

Here they are working on the eggs.

Here are some of their finished eggs. They came complete with Star Wars stickers and everything.

I made this one. It's a spaceship. Yeah, I know pretty cool, haha.

The older they get the funner dying eggs is. There is not as much mess and they really do get pretty creative with it.

Easter morning right when they woke up. They were anxious to get started in finding their baskets and eggs.

They found them! Harder places this year too. I guess they are just getting too good so the bunny felt the need to make it harder on them. They sure had fun though. :)

Here they are with their loot. They each got a DS game, some candy and a book. Jacob also got a Bakugan and Cole got some Legos. They even got money that was hidden in some of the eggs. After church we went out to my parents for Easter dinner. We had a great day and enjoyed spending it with family. I love that my kids still believe in the Easter bunny. I know they won't for much longer, so for now it's great, cause it keeps them younger to me. One day I'll be sad cause they won't have that "innocence" anymore. I'm enjoying it while it lasts! :)

Hope everyone had a great Easter! I love this time of year cause it helps me to reflect on the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ! I'm thankful for the atonement and for my forever family! :)