Thursday, August 27, 2009

California Vacation Week 1.... Lots of Pics

Finally, I'm back and able to post pictures. The computer is hooked back up in the den and it's almost put back together in here. Just a few more things to do before it's done. I can now download pictures and update this blog.

In July the boys and I went to California for two weeks. We stayed with my mom and dad and had a great time. The first week we were there my sister and her kids were still there also. The kids had a great time together. We did lots of fun things like Legoland and surfing and hanging out on the beach. Here are some pictures from the first week.

The boys with 2 cousins enjoying the view from the back porch.

My view from the hammock, and then Jacob and I enjoying the hammock.

My parents bought the boys a new "used" surfboard and Cole was thrilled to pieces. He loves to surf so to have his own was the best thing ever. Here he is posing with it.

Beach fun with cousins...

Digging lots of holes and building things. Cole says he could hear the ocean in this hole he dug, haha. He stuck his head in as far as he could to hear it. :)

Cole got tired of digging holes, so he was relaxing on his towel.

We had a bonfire on the beach with cousins and friends one night. That is what the above 2 pictures are of. They are roasting hot dogs and chilling by the bonfire. :)

Now onto Legoland....

Day 1 at Legoland. I bought 3 month passes from Costco cause they were actually cheaper than a one day pass and this way we could go several times. The boys love it there.

The force is strong with these 2.... ;)

Indiana Jones!

Driving some cars, haha.

This sleeping man made out of Legos reminded us of grandpa (my dad). He falls asleep so easily and so we thought it would be fun to have a picture with "grandpa", hahaha.

Posing with some pirates and they loved that they could stop and play with Legos.

The Bionicle ride that I was more than happy to NOT have to go on. I cannot do spinning rides anymore! They make me sick. They are old enough to ride it all by themselves now and so that's what they did!

Some cool Bionicles!

Now onto the Sea Life Aquarium....

Last year Legoland opened up a Sea Life Aquarium. It's such a kid friendly aquarium. The kids loved it. Our passes got us in unlimited times for no additional charge. They have things made out of Legos placed throughout. Here are some pictures. We couldn't use a flash around the fish so some pictures are a little dark. They went down this slide that was right at the entrance.

Jacob is pointing to an Octopus and Cole is sitting next to a huge Lobster.

They had these cool bubble things throughout the Aquarium. The kids loved them. It felt like they were really in the water with the fish. :)

They loved that they could build Legos here even. The picture on the left they are building a Lego sand castle and on the right Jacob is looking at the Angel fish. Oops, I forgot to turn my flash off that time.

The lost city of Atlantis....

The picture on the right Cole is looking at a pregnant Sea Horse. They were SO cute.

Another bubble thing. Looks like Nemo is swimming right by them.....

The last day that their cousins were there, we went to the La Jolla cove. We went down to the beach where the Sea Lions are and took some pictures with them. We also got yelled at by the environmentalists that were at the top of the stairs, and when we went back up, I yelled right back. We weren't breaking any laws by being there, but they said we were scaring the Sea Lions. Um, yeah right. They didn't swim away and most just kept right on sleeping. Here are some pictures.

They were so cute and some even looked like they were posing for us, especially this one on the left! I love the cute little white one that is closest to the water in the one on the right.

Here are all the kids. You can definitely tell that Jacob and Sadie are related! What are those faces about, hahahaha. Silly kids!

More Legoland....

We took the "cruise" around miniland and made a stop off in Paris....

Then onto Vegas and New York.....

Then onto Washington DC where we saw the inaguartion....

This is the end of our first week of vacation. Week 2 will be posted soon. Lots more to post, including back to school photos!