Thursday, October 29, 2009

Newest Webelo

In September Cole earned his Webelo badge. My camera battery died, so I only got one picture of Jacob and then took one of Cole when we got home. Another parent took some pictures for me, but I haven't gotten them yet. The boys also got their prize for selling Scout-a-rama tickets, that's what Jacob was up there getting. Cole got a "W" printed on his head, which is supposed to be war paint symbolizing that he's the newest Webelo. Him and another boy both earned it. Next month's pack meeting he will be getting his Arrow of Light which is the highest award you can earn as a Cub Scout. Soon, he's going to be an 11 year old Scout! Wow! Jacob is super close to getting his Wolf too. We are so proud of our boys. They do great in Scouts!

Jacob waiting to get the prize he earned and then another one taken when we got home.

Cole, one of the two newest Webelo's in Pack 977. :)


Darren and Natalie said...

Way to go!!!

Amy said...

Hey Sherri,
Fun to see your boys so grown up in Scouts! I work with the cub scouts and love it. So much to learn, but such a great program.

Sueann said...

Your awesome Cole!!

Sueann said...

Your Awsome Cole!

Sueann said...
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